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11 Geopolitical Risk Indicators: How They Stand Currently

These indices and graphics are developed and presented courtesy of Blackrock. 

If one were to put these into tiers in terms of the degree to which fluctuations in these indices impact global asset markets, it would go something like this:

1. US-China relations, EU fragmentation

2. South China Sea conflict, Major cyberattack(s), North American trade, Russia-NATO relations

3. Gulf tensions, North Korean conflict, major terror attack(s)

4. Latin American populism

Blackrock has their own rankings, but I believe they overestimate the importance of Russia-NATO relations and underestimate the importance of North American trade. (The topic of trade, of course, has tons of fake news in the media.)

Overall Global Risk

Gulf Tensions

US-China Relations

North American Trade

North Korea Conflict

Major Cyberattack(s)

EU Fragmentation

Russia-NATO Tensions

South China Sea Conflict

Latin American Populism

Major Terror Attack(s)